off the record

the biomythography of monique judge

What do we do now, Superman?

Accountability is like Kryptonite for niggas who mumble their words, give ambiguous answers, and avoid answering direct questions.

If he didn’t say it, then you can’t hold him responsible for it, right?

Dudes who won’t tell you they have a girlfriend unless you ask the question with the exact wording that won’t allow them to lie, either by omission or otherwise.

Niggas who ask you “What do you mean by that?” when you ask a thing that needs no further interpretation.

The ones who will avoid calling you rather than admit they were wrong.

The dude who gets upset with you when you call him on his bullshit. “Why you bringing up old shit?!”

The ones who want you to make their choices for them.

“Do you want ice cream or pie?” “They both sound really good.”

And any nigga who ever answered your question with another ridiculous ass question.

For these niggas, accountability is like Kryptonite.